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Learning is more effective when it’s aligned with business objectives, contextual to the user’s need and safely done in the workplace. The AskDelphi Learning Experience and Performance Support platform is uniquely designed around the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology and incorporates its guiding principles and enables employees to learn and perform effectively at the moment where they need it the most; on the job at the moment of apply. By giving quick and easy access to relevant learning and support resources, users can work autonomously, master new skills while performing job tasks and contribute to both personal and organizational goals.

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Measure Business Impact

A 5 Moments of Need™ based solution allows us to finally link learning and performance support to true impact on business results. AskDelphi provides robust analytics and reporting capability that helps build the business case for workflow learning and supports the content maintenance and curation process.

Powerful Authoring

AskDelphi is a single source authoring platform that allows authors to create content once and publish in different support formats. Following the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology, the process, task, step structure is designed in the AskDelphi authoring environment and learning and support assets are brokered from existing enterprise repositories such as content repositories or a streaming video platform. Various importing options are available.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

AskDelphi is a SAAS solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We leverage the ever-expanding set of Azure Cloud services to meet our customer’s business challenges in areas such as security, privacy, enterprise scalability, analytics, AI and Machine Learning.

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