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Alrijne wondered if assessing in a formal way was the only way to test and support our nurses with the obligatory ‘Math for Nurses’ skill. There was a lot of dissatisfaction with the test – not only because colleagues thought questions were too hard, but also because there were no references after the test. And the timing of learning moments was not in line with nurses’ schedules.

In the online learning environment of Alrijne Academy, employees are offered education relevant to their role, so that they are able to develop their knowledge independently. To reduce formal learning time, improve employee satisfaction with the current assessment policy, and optimize work performance, Alrijne implemented AskDelphi.



An innovative workplace learning solution was developed: AskAlrijne. This empowers nurses to work more effectively at every needed moment by providing exactly the right amount of accurate information. In addition, a smart adaptive learning system called Drillster was used to develop an adaptive math assessment. This adaptive learning reminds nurses to update their math skills by answering some questions just before they tend to forget. Thanks to that, nurses’ math skill level is guaranteed at any moment.

In a first pilot phase lasting two months, 180 Alrijne employees got access to the AskAlrijne online platform. The most important principle was to acquire feedback about the convenience of the Performance Support environment and ease of using the adaptive learning tool in the nurses’ daily tasks.



The outcome of the “Go-live Proof of Concept” pilot for 180 Alrijne employees was very positive. More than 70% were very positive about the clarity of the Math for Nurses project before the pilot started. Alrijne branded their implementation of AskDelphi as: AskAlrijne. The AskAlrijne platform helped over 95% to be competent in Math for Nurses, and over 80% recommended it to their colleagues. To enroll the workplace learning solution completely we will (1) reduce education and training time, (2) improve the employee satisfaction for the current assessment policy, and (3) optimize the work performance.

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Alrijne Healthcare Group offers the best care to every patient and client in the Leiden, Leiderdorp and Alphen aan den Rijn regions in The Netherlands. Over 3,800 employees work at Alrijne. They treat almost 21,000 patients a year and care for almost 600 clients in nursing homes, both in geriatric rehabilitation and in long-term psychogeriatric and somatic care.

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