AskDelphi makes its learning experience and performance support platform available to organizations worldwide, through a network of highly qualified implementation partners, Please contact our partners for more information on how to implement the AskDelphi Learning Experience and Performance Support in your organization.

As Germany's leading e-learning provider Know How has been dedicated to learning and performance for over 30 years. Their focus is always on the individual, with their own personal needs and wishes. Alongside the many awards Know How has won in Germany as well as abroad, the best proof of their success is the many million satisfied learners and performers all over the world. Furthermore, they are a certified gold partner on the subject of Microsoft 365. Please click here to contact Know How directly for more information on AskDelphi or visit their corporate website.

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Xprtise consultants focus on the analysis, design, and implementation of workplace learning solutions that deliver measurable performance improvement for your most important business challenges. With our engagements, we are always seeking to build on a company’s learning ecosystem - enabling learning and performance improvement in the workflow, often through technology-enabled informal learning solutions. Our practices are informed by the 70:20:10 Model and the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology.

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